our elderberry syrup

Used for centuries to treat ailments and promote longevity, elderberries are known as one of the most medicinal herbs in the world. Elderberry Syrup is most commonly used for it's cold & flu fighting properties. Studies show that when taken at the onset of illness, elderberry can help reduce severity and duration of viruses, like the common cold & the flu. Many families choose to use Elderberry Syrup as a daily wellness tonic because it an effective natural remedy that is naturally high in antioxidants & vitmains.

Our mission is to provide families with a truly natural elderberry product, made simply with ingredients that you can trust and feel good about giving to your family. Our Original  Elderberry Syrup contains raw, Connecticut honey for additional health benefits. J's Homemade Gummies are crafted with quality organic ingredients. Our gummies are certified organic, vegan, gluten free, and made with our littlest elderberry fans in mind. 

Daily Use:

1 tbsp/day for adults

1 tsp/day for children*

Can be used every 3-4

hours at the onset of illness

*Our Original Syrup is NOT for children under 1 year old due to honey content. For infants 6 months +, try our Vegan Syrup or DIY Kit. Always speak to your child's heath care provider before introducing new foods and herbs.

ingredients with a purpose


  Immune booster

  High in Vit C,    antioxidants,    powerful cold&          flu fighter

Raw Honey

Allergy preventative (CT), immune support, boosts energy, natural sweetener 


Balances blood sugar, improves digestion,anti- fungal, anti- microbial

Astragalus Root

Anti viral, Immune boosting, promotes heart health


High in Vitamin C, anti-inflammatory,

cell support