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Elderberry Cranberry Sauce

Thanksgiving is this week and I am so excited! Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday to host. I love taking the time to slow down and think about all I have to be grateful for. It has definitely been a challenging year for everyone. This year I am most thankful for family, our health, our friends that are always willing to help and step in when we need them, all of the essential workers that have worked endlessly during the pandemic and for our community and customers who has been positive, uplifting and supportive during these times.

I have so many great memories of helping my mom in the kitchen on Thanksgiving morning. Ever since I was a little girl I used to dream of the day when I could host Thanksgiving for my family and my wish came true! For the past 6 years I have been cooking up Thanksgiving dinner for my family and loving every minute of it!

One of my favorite Thanksgiving foods is homemade cranberry sauce. Fun fact, even though I have made and created many tried and true recipes, I make a brand new recipe every year. Unfortunately both store bought and homemade recipes are loaded with tons of sugar making this delicious side an overly sweet and unhealthy dish. Why take such a beautiful fruit and ruin it with tons of sugar?

You can have delicious AND healthy cranberry sauce. Skip the refined sugar this year and try this Elderberry Cranberry Sauce this year. Elderberry Cranberry Sauce is simple to make, naturally delicious, and your guests won't even know that you swapped out all of that processed sugar for Elderberry syrup and a bit of maple syrup!

Add J's Homemade Elderberry Syrup to your shopping list this week! You can pick up a bottle at many local stores, just check our "Find Us" tab, send us a message to find the closest location, or you can order online!


Elderberry Cranberry Sauce

1 bag organic cranberries

⅓ cup J's Homemade elderberry syrup

¼ cup water

1 orange (squeeze out as much juice as possible)

¼ cup maple syrup

Orange zest (add once cooled)

In a small/medium saucepan add all ingredients and simmer for 5 to 10 minutes, stirring occasionally. Simmer until cranberries pop and are at your desired consistency (I like mine semi chunky, so about seven minutes). Allowed to cool completely before serving. Once cooled add some orange zest, stir in, and taste. I like adding orange zest at the end so I can adjust as needed. Store in a covered glass container in the fridge.

I hope you all have a safe holiday!

Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours!

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