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FAQ: How Do I Use Elderberry?

Updated: Apr 5

When I tell someone about J's Homemade, I get an influx of questions including,

"Does it go on pancakes?" "Does it taste like medicine?" "Is it like emergen-C?"

But the one question that I get most often is "How do I use Elderberry Syrup?" So here is some basic info on our most common FAQ.

"How do I use Elderberry?"

This answer varies from family to family, however, most J's Homemade fans use our elderberry syrup as a daily wellness product.

Elderberry syrup is mostly known as a daily immune support due to it's antioxidants and antiviral properties. It can be taken at any time during the day (with breakfast, before bed, or whenever is most convenient for your family). Many of our customers choose to take it alongside their vitamins as a part of their daily wellness routine.

About 90% of our customers choose to take their elderberry syrup straight up and about 10% of our customers mix it into teas, smoothies, yogurt, seltzer, or something else. I always choose a shot glass or medicine cup because it is much easier to pour into which makes for less of a mess! For my little guy (1 year old) I sometimes use a medicine syringe. If you decide to take your syrup straight up or mixed into something else, it is equally effective, so I always encourage people to do what is best for their family!

The typical suggested serving for elderberry syrup is 1 tablespoon for adults and 1 teaspoon for children if using it as a part of a daily routine. My kids absolutely love our syrup and always ask for more. Since it is made with natural ingredients and absolutely no junk, I am comfortable giving them a little more. In our house, we all take about a half a shot glass a day!

For customers who prefer our Elderberry Gummies, as suggest 1 gummy for kids and 2 gummies for adults daily.

"What about when I am sick or exposed to something?"

Elderberries not only help support the immune system, but can help fight illness. Elderberries have been used as a remedy for all kinds of ailments for thousands of years, however the most notable ailment it is used for today, is cold, flu, and viral symptoms. There have been some studies that show that when taken at the onset of symptoms, elderberry can reduce illness and severity.

In a double blind placebo trial involving 312 participants, cold symptom scores & cold episode days were recorded. Both symptoms & duration of colds were less in the group that took elderberry vs. the placebo. The study found that participants taking elderberry improved on average of 4 days vs. 6 or more days.

At the first sign of illness, taking elderberry 3x a day can help knock symptoms out quickly.

If you have ever had a child with a cold, you know that colds can sometimes last for weeks. I love knowing that elderberry is a completely natural way to help support my children when they are feeling run down. In our house, whenever someone comes down with an illness, when we are exposed to something, or when we do something in a large crowd, we take our elderberry 3 times a day. We find that the best method is to spread the servings throughout the day (like during breakfast, lunch, and dinner). Without a doubt, we are always better in no time, and as soon as symptoms resolve, we go back to our daily routine.


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