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Introducing Elderberry to Your Baby: Tips, Must Knows, and More!

Are you thinking of introducing Elderberry Syrup to your baby? Here are some things you must know, special tips for getting started, and more!

Elderberry Syrup is an amazing natural remedy that has been so helpful for our family (and thousands of others). With colds, flus, and other viruses going around, I knew with each of my children that I wanted to start them right away. However, introducing Elderberry or any new foods or supplements to a baby can feel overwhelming. Remember to always opt for Elderberry that has NO HONEY for babies under 1 year old. Read more below.

Is my baby ready for elderberry syrup?

Here are a few important details to consider before introducing your baby to Elderberry Syrup.

  1. At least 6+ months old

  2. Already introduced to some solids

  3. Elderberry Syrup with NO HONEY

  4. No concerns from the doctor / no recommendation to avoid

  5. No known allergies or family allergies to any ingredients

Choose a Honey Free Product

This is most important! Children under 1 year old should not consume honey. Consumption of honey or honey in products can cause Infant Botulism, a potentially fatal condition in infants. Be sure to ALWAYS check ingredients when serving your child new foods.

We recommend our Vegan Elderberry Syrup or Elderberry Syrup DIY kit for parents looking for an option for babies under 1 year old. Our Vegan Elderberry Syrup is made with all organic ingredients, then sweetened with Maple Craft Maple Syrup (local - right in Newtown, CT!). Our Elderberry Syrup DIY Kit is also a great option. Our kit comes with all of the dry ingredients (herbs & spices) to make your own batch of syrup at home. Parents can then choose a sweetener of their choice, opt for no sweetener, and tailor the syrup to their liking.

Introduce Like Any New Food

There are different methods for introducing new foods to babies. Traditionally, parents were recommended to introduce single foods at a time, spread out over a few days, and monitor for reactions. In the case of an allergic reaction or sensitivity, this method makes it easy to pinpoint exactly what food or ingredient your child may react to. Many parents choose a BLW (Baby Led Weaning) method for introducing new foods which may be single foods at a time (like above) or some people dive right in to full, multi ingredient meals. Each method is a personal choice based on parents comfortability, doctor recommendation, and lifestyle. When my kids were little, we did more of a baby led weaning / eat what we eat approach, starting around 6 months, where we introduced pretty much whatever we ate, in "finger size" pieces.

Whatever way you introduce foods to your baby, elderberry can be incorporated in a similar way. We always started at 6+ months old, with a small amount, watched out for any reactions, and proceeded as we felt comfortable. For us that meant introducing, then monitoring, and trying again a few days later.

*As with any food, if you notice a reaction, stop immediately.

Choose Your Serving Vessel

We often get the question, what vessel is best to serve Elderberry Syrup to a baby? There are so many different ways to serve Elderberry Syrup, including in a medicine cup, medicine syringe, spoon, mixed in water/juice, straight from a shot glass, etc. The answer is: it is totally up to you! In my personal experience, serving from a spoon is the trickiest and messiest, especially for babies and toddlers, so I always recommend choosing a cup or medicine syringe. However there are lots of ways to introduce Elderberry Syrup to your baby and no family/baby/lifestyle is one size fits all, so do whatever works best for your child!

For Hudson and Avery, we went straight for the shot glass, but Wesley (our messy child) still uses a medicine syringe most of time time, otherwise he is covered in Elderberry Syrup! Many Elderberry Syrup lovers choose to add it into a smoothie, juice, water, etc. Try out different methods and see what works best for your child!

Start Small / Slow

Starting in small servings at 6+ months, and a few times a week is the best way to introduce Elderberry Syrup in my experience. For each of my kids, our Vegan or DIY Kit Elderberry Syrup their first liquid other than breast milk and water.

To start, I filled a medicine syringe to about 1/4 tsp and just let them taste / play with it for a few days, then we increased a bit each time to a level we were comfortable with. By the time my babies were around 1 year old they were taking 1 tsp of Elderberry Syrup every day (or every other day).

Talk To Your Doctor

As always, your pediatrician or trusted doctor is a good source for your questions and concerns when introducing your child to new foods or supplements.

* This is not medical advice. I am a mama, not a doctor. These topics are based on my experience. When introducing new products to your baby/children, we always recommend reaching out to your doctor.

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