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Spring Break: Stay Healthy While Traveling with Kids

We kicked off April with a long weekend trip to Florida. If you're a parent, you know that traveling with kids can be overwhelming as it is, the last thing you want to worry about is your kids getting sick and stressing about all of the germs they'll come in contact with.

Funny Story / Personal Learning Experience: In mid 2020 we traveled to Florida with our two toddlers. Avery was 1.5 and Hudson was 3. Even though germs don't usually concern us, due to the pandemic and some of the unknown factors, we hoped to stay semi vigilant on our trip because we didn't want the kids to get sick while we were away. I packed some organic hand sanitizer and had it handy on the stroller and brought some sanitizing wipes. Within LITERALLY 1 minute of being in LaGuardia, Avery dropped a lollipop on the airport floor and before I could scoop it away, she put it right back in her mouth. That was the moment I realized that I could NOT prevent my toddler from taking in germs! We laughed about it, put the wipes away and decided not to overstress. Luckily, she never got sick and it just highlighted how amazing our immune systems can be.

So, while it is inevitable that your children will come into contact with germs while traveling in busy airports, there are some thing you can do to help support their immune system! Here are our tips for staying healthy while traveling with kids:

Elderberry, Elderberry, Elderberry!

Leading up to a trip and on our trip, I always remember to maintain our routine with our elderberry syrup. Elderberry syrup has properties known to help support the immune system. I make sure to give my kids their daily serving every single day before our trip. In addition, I use bubble wrap and pack am 8 oz bottle of our Original Elderberry Syrup to stay on our routine while away. If I am not checking a bag, I throw our Organic Elderberry Gummies in my diaper bag to take along. (Helpful Tip: Gummies are a great take off or landing treat!)

Pack Extra Vitamins

Our diets, sleep, and routine is off when we are away on vacation. I always use a little medicine container and pack the kids extra vitamins when we go away. I pack each of the kids a daily serving of their Magnesium, Probiotic, and Zinc so that they can continue to take their vitamins to stay "regular" and have an extra boost of support. That way I don't have to stress so much all of the sweets and foods they're eating.

Medicine / Remedy Bag

I need peace of mind when traveling so I always pack a bag with some of my favorite homeopathic remedies. This came in handy this past weekend when Hudson had a pretty bad fall on Day 1 of our trip and cut his mouth open. I was so glad to have my Arnica on me, which helped right away. Take a small travel pouch and keep anything that makes you feel more comfortable whether it be herbal tinctures, homeopathic remedies, Benadryl, fever reducer, etc. that way you have whatever you need in case of an incident.


I know firsthand that traveling with kids can physically stress us parents out, but extra stress can impact the immune system in a negative way. Try to unplug a bit and enjoy your time with your family! Relaxation techniques (breathing, tapping, stretching, yoga, or whatever helps YOU regulate your nervous system) can help reduce stress especially when we live stressful lives with busy schedules. Try your best to unwind and enjoy your time away!

"Catch Up" on your health when you return home

This is a really important one in our house. Since we are foodies and enjoy craft cocktails ;), we really try to enjoy our time away and not stress out about every single food that we (and the kids!) are eating! We allow the kids to get their chicken fingers and fries, enjoy ice cream, etc. on our trip without too much worry, and we focus more on eating healthy and "catching up" on our routine when we get home. That means once we are home from our trip, we add extra fruits and veggies to our meals, get a little extra rest (bedtime a little earlier), add some extra Elderberry Syrup / Probiotics / whatever we feel we need to "adjust" back to normal, etc.

I hope these tips will help you feel prepared and relaxed during your Spring Break trip!

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